I’ve moved

16 Sep


I’ve moved my blog and finally put up some of my arty things on a new website




Baby Shower Gift

5 May

My friend Harriet asked me to do a drawing for her friend’s baby shower.
She wanted something personal to commemorate the arrival of their little one due this Summer.

We decided to do a line of their shoes, with mum, dad and baby shoes with little cat prints for their two cats.

She did some detective work to found out their favourite shoes and this is the result!


Life Drawing

14 Feb

Not the best attempt but was really interesting drawing a pregnant woman, she did some great poses to.
Also she looks wiggly in the middle because she had her weight on one foot, looks very odd!


My first screen print

17 Jan

My parents bought me a two day screen printing workshop for my birthday this year.

It was at Print Club London, a great little place with friendly staff and a lovely atmosphere.

We spent two days getting our designs print ready and then printed six A3, two colour prints.

I chose a design from my illustrated bike journal I am STILL working on, which is a collection of signs I saw on my cycle trip a couple of years ago. And here is the finished result! (Terrible picture but you get the idea)

WP_20140115_018 WP_20140115_030


Hand drawn type scanned in and screen printed

Mitten Christmas Cards For Sale

3 Dec

I’ve put my mitten Christmas cards on sale this year.
You can find them here!

Not only do they make lovely cards but you can also hang them up as a festive decoration.

Merry Christmas all!


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Catch Up #4 – Jaime’s Birthday card

29 Sep


My friend Jaime works for the national trust. 

I made her this card on the way to visiting her. 

Catch up #3 – Beatles birthday cake

29 Sep


It was my housemate Tash’s birthday and she asked me to make her a record cake of her favourite song. 

After a little detective work and some sneaky baking I created this masterpiece.